Old-fashioned breeding kennelWe are and old-fashioned breeding kennel started back in the 1950s by the founder, the late Mrs Maureen Paul. We have a happy-go-lucky character that is willing to please and able to work in most fields. Our Labradors are a solid, short coupled square type, the German Shepherds are equally balanced in looks and mental ability, and they are still doing very well in various working fields and as loving family members. Much can be said about our Jack Russell Terriers in the way of character, great robust family pets (especially with children, I have two young children myself), and a willingness to be loved. Our stock are appreciated at home and abroad with Ryslip Shipping offering their usual exemplary service.

Shadowsquad is an old traditional kennel that has its roots firmly in the past. For over sixty years our priorities have not altered. We have kept to the same old fashioned bloodlines, which consistently produce the correct balance of intelligence, quality, and  construction.

All the dogs in the family, whether Shepherds, Labradors or Terriers have the same character – affectionate, wanting to communicate and please, willing to work but content to be well loved members of the family.

The main differences between the breeds for what makes them tick are, for the Shepherds affection, they love to be loved, Labradors is their nose, mainly on behalf of their stomachs, terriers are just down right nosey.

Shadowsquad dogs and bitches have proved themselves in every field- whether as super family companions,  working or obedience champions, as police dogs or in private security. They just have an incredible strength of character and contentment.

Despite Mrs Maureen Paul passing sadly away on 27th February 2002 from a long battle with diabetes, her daughter Rachel Paul who grew up involved in the Shadowsquad kennel will continue the family on well into the next generation.

All breeding stock of Shepherds and Labradors are tested through the BVA Schemes. We have always stood by all we produce and have no intention of changing that.

We are and have been for over twenty years a Council Approved and licensed Breeding Kennels numbered 19/00610/AWAAL. 

  • All dogs of mature age before breeding 
  • All our bitches whelp indoors
  • Puppies DO NOT leave before 8 weeks old.
  • All puppies are microchipped, fully wormed and flea treated before leaving.
  • All puppies have had their first inoculation before leaving.
  • All puppies are well socialised with other dogs and people
  • Prior to breeding- GSD’s, Lab’s and JRT’s are all health tested.
  • Comprehensive Puppy Rearing information provided.
  • Extensive puppy guidance is given.
  • First Aid advice & Socialisation advice given
  • All puppies are insured for 4 weeks on leaving.
  • Future advice and help if required, regardless of time elapsed.

Our next generation of Shadowsquad boys 

Labrador is Oxo – DNA hereditary clear for everything KC Reg. Jack Russell Terrier is Des and the German Shepherd is Freddy – DNA tested clear for DM

The Difference Between ESA, Therapy and Service Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs give comfort to many by volunteering at nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc. There is no standardized training program for Therapy Dogs; however, most facilities require testing and certification by an accredited organization. Therapy Dogs do not have special rights related to travel or housing. They are also not allowed to enter restaurants or stores that are usually off-limits to pets.

Service Dogs

Service Dogs receive specialized training to assist a person with a disability. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is unlawful to ask what function a Service Dog performs. Unlike Emotional Support Animals or Therapy Dogs, they are allowed full access to places that aren’t ordinarily open to pets. Needless to say, it is also wrong to claim your pet is a Service Dog, even if they are your ESA or a Therapy Dog.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

Emotional Support Animals provide comfort to an individual with a mental health condition. ESAs have special permission to fly within the USA or between the US and most countries (pending airline approval). Travelers with ESAs generally have to show a recent letter from a doctor or therapist stating that the Emotional Support Animal is necessary for their patient’s well being. 

A Family Kennel For Nearly 60 Years