Jack Russells

Our Jack Russells are a happy go lucky lot. We have had our family lines go back to the early Sixties. During these years they have travelled all over the World. A much admired breed across the globe with few historical breeders anywhere makes them all the more endearing. Equally at home in a stately home, or in more humble abode.

They vary a great deal in colour from black and white, tri-colour or occasionally I have lemon and whites. Their coats equally can vary on which side of the family lines they are. From velvet smooth, slightly broken-coated to properly rough. They all have straight legs, no ‘Queen Anne’ legs here. All our Terriers are medium not long in the back and have good forward tip over ears.

On the whole they are all evenly marked in litters not just who we keep. I have a medium height of between 10″ and 12″ at the shoulder. Certainly not ranked in neither Parson nor miniature categories. That is enough waffle to their appearance, now for what counts. Their characters are first and foremost what they are. Ours are a very affection lot, always ready to investigate the next agenda and as much content to curl up on your lap in front of the fire. Alert and asleep all at the same time, you wonder if you can slip out without disturbing them, never!

They are great with my young children. My three year old is seldom out without at least one by her side. I am not sure who leads who sometimes.

I only have pure Jack Russell stud dogs at present.
They are available at stud to trustworthy bitches.