Labrador Puppies



Our delightful Tootsie is expecting to the gorgeous chocolate chap, Monty at the renowned Richbourne kennels, owned by Suzzie Wyles.
Tootsie is quite heavily pregnant and due mid-May. Inquire for details.

They are very robust and into everything life throws in their direction. I have a black girl and a yellow boy available as well as a black boy. The whole point of the littler is for a puppy from Mimi to keep my line going, it’s taken until this week for me to decide which one to keep. There is little between them in character. Our puppies have done very well in Autism assistance, Diabetes alert as well as Search and rescue and loving family companions. All are cheeky and love being cuddled. They are used to lots going on as well as party poppers, balloons, children, other dogs and people and chickens.

They are fully wormed with Drontal and are flea-treated with Advantage. The vet was very pleased with them at their health check and first inoculations, including their Kennel Cough vaccination. Boys were entire at 6 weeks old! Very forward puppies. They are Kennel Club registered and not endorsed. They are microchipped, insured for 4 weeks and I will give a full 15kg bag of their excellent CSJ puppy food with them. They enjoy bones and their toys, cardboard tubes are one of their favorites. Welcome to come and visit. They love visitors.

The information is available soon.

They have experienced various floor textures- indoors and outside living, carpet, vet bed, straw, cushions, concrete, gravel, grass, stone pebbles, water pool, sandpit, dirt/soil. Also, the Vets practice.

They have experienced various apparatus- different types of balls from children’s toys/tennis/football, children’s cuddly toys and rattle ones, dog toys, raised beds, cardboard boxes, party poppers, plastic bottles, loud machinery, engines, vehicle travel, shooting, sneezing, many other noises. Also seen sheep, poultry and birds. Experienced weather.

They have experienced various ethnic, cultural, and ability people of different ages and appearances, children, wheelchairs, and walking sticks, along with loud and quiet people, including being handled by strangers, and the vet.

It's incredible how fast puppies grow up